Monday, January 30, 2012

My new job concerning Graphics Design

Today I started a new job at the mines. Its my first time working there and I'm kinda excited about the new tasks that I will be able to learn and discover many new things. On my way to my job site in Riverview at Mosaic Mines. I discovered a few interesting and brightly lit ideas that just keep forming in my head. One of my biggest discoveries that I learned is that what we are trenching and forming is basically some ditches and a over sized lake with a very deep depth. But while I was working, in my mind were coming some ideas and some questions. One of these was: how are we going to form something to make it fit. Then I started to get some ideas and started to draw them in my head. The first thing that came up was the bevel we had to make for a special fabric to hold following a composite layer. Graphics Designers come up with ways to design models. In this case a bevel that was 6ft wide followed with a 15 ft slope slanted on both sides. Workers need to find ways to make everything fit but also be safe for us to pass with the composite layer we add. The Geo team are the ones who come up with the plans and observe if everything is alright. They make the plans on a rough draft and draw out special connections for the 11ft pipe to go. Then they sketch it out in a computer based graphic. They do the math on how many pieces will fit in that section for every 20 team leaders in their sector. Then they skew their drawings to a 3D position.  This reason is to know how are they going to be put horizontal or vertical. Once all their calculations have been discussed and review. Then they they decide whether to go with the plan sketched or draw up a new plan with better modifications. Once its all clear then we go and start working with the new plans sketched. Then we work.  

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