Thursday, January 5, 2012

Microsoft Office 2007 for Students - Cheap!

Microsoft is running an offer especially for college students called The Ultimate Steal. For a limited time, students can obtain a copy of Microsoft 2007 Ultimate Edition for only $59.95. To qualify for this offer, you must be enrolled at a US educational institution and have a valid e-mail address that ends in the edu domain. Considering this package is available at retail for around $500, this is a fantastic deal for students. So check it out and save some $$$ today!

Even though you can download the software from the Web site, you should also consider purchasing (for an additional fee) the software on DVD. This will make reinstalling the software much easier in the future in case you have a problem (such as your hard drive fails).


  1. you remind me of someone i know that is very technically genius. plus i didnt know about this. your blog looks amazing, but the subject you chose makes it extraordinary!!

  2. Max, personally I love your voice, professionally I sure hope you like to talk because if you don't you will want to shut me up!!!

    Class wise, can you teach or add something to this class, it seem like everyone knows more than myself so I am open and humble to learn, hear ideals from my class BLOGGERS.

    Let's have fun in class!

  3. Max thank you for the info. I like when the big company like Microsoft give back to the student community. I appreciate all the good info you are putting on your page.